Immigration Lawyer for Canada and the USAServing Canadian companies

Business Immigration Lawyer For SME

Immigration lawyer: Canada and United States

Veilleux Immigration provides business immigration services for individuals, families, professionals and companies. Our mission is to provide quality and comprehensive services to small, medium and large sized companies and their employees.

We specialized in offering a turnkey service to Canadian SMEs who wish to obtain work visas; more precisely:

  • Helping Canadian businesses currently with a shortage of manpower who want to hire out of country employees;
  • Helping Canadian businesses who must send their Canadian employees to the United States.

Which work visa do you need? We will help you obtain it!

We know it can be difficult to know and master all types of work visas along with all the required steps to obtain one; we want to help you to ease the process.

Our legal expertise allows to tailor a personalized approach to your needs when it comes to your business’ immigration situation.

Whether your SME needs to send employees to the United States or to hire out of Canada manpower, we will find the proper work visa tailored to your needs.

We will assist you and represent your best interests in your efforts to obtain a temporary work visa.

Our superior and professional services include:

  • Preparing the necessary documents;
  • Filing the appropriate requests;
  • We will be by your side all throughout the process.

All of this at a competitive price!

Benefits of obtaining your work visas with us

  • You will get all the necessary tools to obtain the appropriate work visas in order to complete your business projects;
  • You will gain accurate legal advice in accordance with the laws and regulations to ease document preparation;
  • You will avoid costly mistakes (forgotten document, missing forms);
  • You will a personalized approach and custom support based on your request;
  • You will obtain all the tools to obtain your work visa or your permanent resident status.

Thanks to Veilleux Immigration, you will:

  • Be assured that your documents will have been submitted in due form.;
  • Receive legal advice based in your needs at a very competitive price;
  • Have peace of mind that an expert team will have prepared and sent off your SME’s visa requests to an immigration agent;
  • Benefit from our reminder system to make sure that your visas are renewed on time if need be.

To this day, we have successfully helped a lot of SMEs in their immigration visas requests. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or want a free evaluation of your case!