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B-1 Business Visitors Visa

At Veilleux Immigration, we want to make sure that you obtain the appropriate work visa based on your business’ needs.

With our legal expertise, personalized approach and competitive pricing, your business will be in good hands.

What’s a B-1 Business Visitors Visa?

It is possible to obtain a work visa exemption for certain employees on a business trip to the USA. The B-1 visa is available for all employees doing a business trip to the USA for a maximum of six (6) months.

All B1 visa applicants can provide services in the following fields:

  • Sale of Canadian products of services;
  • After-sales service or services pursuant to a warranty;
  • Participation in conventions, trade shows, seminars or conferences;
  • Contract negotiation;
  • Etc.

However, to obtain this visa, you are required to respect the following guidelines:

  • Your employee or business representative cannot be paid by an American company or move to the United States permanently;
  • Your employee or business representative cannot stay more than six (6) months with a B1 work visa.

The B1 visa request is done directly at the American border so you have to make sure to have all necessary documents on hand when making your request.

How can Veilleux Immigration help you obtain a B1 visitor work visa?

Our team will be able to make up all the necessary documents so your request is ready in due form to obtain your B1 work visa once you’re at the American border:

  • We offer a turnkey service; we take care of everything;
  • We will prepare all the necessary documents that you will be able to provide to the immigration officer.

Why is it beneficial working with us?

  • We offer a personalized approach tailored to your business’ needs
  • We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a complete request for the best price.
  • We will be by your side throughout the process, like we did in the past with businesses across the globe.

What will you gain by doing business with us?

  • You will have reassurance that your file has been prepared in due form;
  • You will get legal advice tailored to your needs and all for a competitive pricing;
  • You will get peace of mind that a specialized immigration lawyer is taking care of preparing your visa request.

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