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E-2 Work Permit for Investors

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What is an E-2 work visa for Investors?

The E-2 work visa is applicable to individuals or businesses wanting to make a financial investment in the United States. This visa will allow interested parties to invest money in American businesses:

  • already established business;
  • in a new business that you will physically lead from the United States.

In order to qualify for this type of work permit, the applicant must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or any other citizen (individual or corporation) of a country that has signed a commercial agreement with the United States;
  • invest a significant amount that will permit to operate successfully the business;
  • invest in a real and operating commercial enterprise;
  • have an investment that is more than marginal and it must have an economic impact and create jobs in the U.S.;
  • have control of the funds and the funds invested must be at risk in the commercial sense;
  • in the United States to direct and manage their business. If the applicant is not the investor, he must be employed in an executive/managerial position or in job requiring essential knowledge;

Our E-2 work visa service

Our team offers you the possibility to prepare all the necessary documents to make a request for an E-2 visa.

  • We offer a turnkey service; we take care of everything;
  • We have the experience to obtain a wide variety of work visas for SMEs;
  • We will prepare the required documents and will be by your side all throughout the process;
  • We will present your request to an immigration officer;
  • We will follow up for visa renewals if need be

Why is it beneficial to work with us?

  • Approach tailored to your business’ needs.
  • We offer competitive prices and will get you a visa for a reasonable price.
  • We will guide you all throughout the process; like we did for a handful of businesses across the globe.

What will you gain from using our services?

  • You will be reassured that your documents will have been compiled in due form;
  • You have obtained legal advice tailored to your needs for a competitive pricing;
  • You will have peace of that an immigration specialized lawyer will take care of your request from start to finish.
  • You will be able to expand your business in the United States thanks to the work visa obtain through our services.

Investors Work Visas (E2 visa) can be valid for up to 5 years. The Visas can be renewed indefinitely as long as the company continues to meet the requirements.

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