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L1 Intra-company Work Visas

At Veilleux Immigration, we want to make sure that you obtain the appropriate visa for your business and employees.

With our legal expertise, our tailored approach and competitive pricing, your business will be in good hands.

What is an L1 visa for intra-company transfers?

The L1 visa is a work visa. It is tailored for small to medium business owners wanting to transfer an employee to the United States, within the same company. This will allow said employee to work in the USA to fill a business need.

Your employee must meet a plethora of criteria in order to be elligible for a L1 visa:

  • The employee must have management or executive functions
    • This critieria grants the L1A work permit.
  • The employee must have specialized knowledge of the business in order to be elligible for that permit.
    • This critieria grants the L1B work permit.
  • The employee must have at least one full year of full-time continuous service within the company before being transferred to the United States.
  • The American company to which the employee is being transferred to must either be:
    • Head office of your business,
    • The subsidiary of your business,
    • The sister company of your business,
    • An office linked to your American business,
    • joint venture of the foreign company.

The L1A and L1B visas have varied length:

  • One year for a new company;
    • New American subsidiary of your business for example.
  • Three years for an already existing business.
    • American subsidiary of your business that is already up and running.

The permit can be renewed every two years up to a maximum of seven years for the L1A work permit and five years for the L1B.

How can Veilleux Immigration can help you obtain your L1A and L1B work permit?

Our team will help you prepare the necessary documentation in order to request your L1A and L1B work permits.

  • We offer a turnkey solution; we take care of everything;
  • We work hand-in-hand with the concerned agencies for you to obtain your work visa;
  • We will prepare the necessary documentation for your request and will be by your side when it comes time to submit your request;
  • We will submit your request to an immigration officer and will follow up when it is up for renewal.

Why is it beneficial to work with Veilleux Immigration?

  • We offer a tailored approach based on your business’ needs;
  • We offer competitive pricing and you’ll get a complete business proposal at an excellent price;
  • We will be by your side every step of the way, like we’ve done so many times in the past with our clients, whether it local or across the world.

What will you gain by doing business with us?

  • You will be certain that your documents will have been submitted in due form;
  • You will have received tailored legal advice based on your needs at a competitive price;
  • You will have a peace of mind that a team of experts will have prepared and sent off your requests to an immigration agent.
  • You will be able to expand your business in the United States thanks to the work visa obtained through our help.

L1 visas for intra-company transfers can be renewed every two years up to a maximum of seven years for the L1A work permit and five years for the L1B. Contact us for more details!

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