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US Work Visa

When does your employees need a Work Visa for USA?

Your business, a Canadian SME, will need a US work visa when you are required to:

  • Import or export with the USA;
  • International expansion of your business;
  • Employees required to work temporarily in the USA.

Your SME will have to procure a US work visa in order to be allowed to work on this territory.

What is the purpose of a USA work visa?

The work visa will allow you, or your employees, to legally work for your business in the United States once you’ve presented your case to an immigration officer.

These work visas can be used for import, export, opening new offices or temporarily moving workers to the United States.

You’ll find various types of US work visa:

Each visa has its own attributes as far as its validity, targeted businesses and delays which varies between a few weeks to a few months.

Our expertise will make things easier for you to obtain your work visa for the USA

With Veilleux Immigration, we offer a turnkey service to SMEs and large enterprises alike. We will assist them throughout the process in order to obtain the appropriate work visa. We also offer very competitive pricing.

Whether you are the president of an SME or a human ressources representative, we have the necessary expertise to write up the proper work visa for your employees; leaving you with peace of mind.

We are fully aware that the process can be complicated and we want to make sure you are adequately prepared to obtain your work visa all the while offering the best price.

Our complete step by step process to obtain a work visa for the USA

After preliminary meetings, we will:

  • Establish the best approach with the USA immigration Agency;
  • Collect the necessary documents;
  • Write up the requireds documents, files and forms;
  • Send the file to the immigration agent assigned to you;
  • Get you ready for the interview with the immigration agent if need be;
  • Prepare your arrival on American soil.

Why is it beneficial to work with us?

  • You’ll avoid costly mistakes while preparing your file;
  • We offer a turnkey service; we take care of everything;
  • You will have a peace of mind knowing a team of experts is taking care of you;
  • We offer a thorough follow up throughout the process.

What will you gain from using our services?

  • You will obtain a perfect record for your US work visa based on your SME’s needs;
  • You will enjoy a turnkey service and step by step guidance throughout the process;
  • You will acquire your US work visa for a competitive price;
  • You will be reminded when it’s time to renew your visa;
  • You will be certain to have a US work visa which will meet the necessary requirements.

We are fully aware that the process to obtain a work visa is quite complexe: put your trust in us and contact us; we will help you acquire the US work visa tailored to your needs.

Would like information about our services? Feel free to contact us and we'll gladly answer any questions you may have!

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